Maggie, Why Do All Your Novels Deal with Sexual Assault?

A question you’re probably going to ask: Maggie, why do all your novels deal with sexual assault? It’s true, Breaking Orbit, Teagan & Jake, and Oceans Away all grapple with sexual assault in some way. Breaking Orbit features several sexual assault survivors, and takes a more direct look at a … Continue reading

The Front Bottoms’ “2YL” Music Video & Post Grad Life

When I first saw that The Front Bottoms had made a music video for “2YL,” I was stoked. I immediately watched it. And then I watched it like five more times. Their music video are known to be quirky and simple. Although sometimes what appears “simple” has more layers and … Continue reading

One for the Road: Cars & Music

Road trips are a pretty American thing. I once took a college course about road trips and travel. The first book we read that semester was If You Want Me to Stay, a narrative where travel and music intersect. It was a fantastic read; one I highly recommend. It got me … Continue reading

10 Recent Reading Faves

One of my post grad goals was to read more for pleasure. After four years of doing an incredible amount of reading for school, I hadn’t felt much like reading during breaks. But I’ve always been a reader, and I also knew that an important part of being a good … Continue reading

Perspective & Breaking Orbit

My WIP novel, Breaking Orbit, has always been about identity and secrets. But it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve realized how important perspective is in creating the dualities and lies that manifest in this novel. Perspective is also a huge part of the dynamics between celebrities, paparazzi, and fans–all … Continue reading

Favorite Performances by The Front Bottoms

This Summer I’ve really been digging the New Jersey band The Front Bottoms (TFB). Their lyrics are smart, emotional, and colloquial. Frontman and lyricist, Brian Sella, is a fantastic storyteller in his songs, just listen to tracks like “Lone Star” and “Handcuffs.” Masculinity, relationships, and growing up are popular themes … Continue reading