A Movie Romance: Nina LaCour’s Everything Leads to You (2017 Reading Book #64)

This was such a cute, fun romance! I loved all the old Hollywood and film details that were worked into this story. It was really interesting to learn about. I also loved the relationship this story centered around. All the characters were really likable. Plus there was the great mystery … Continue reading

Not Another Sword Fight: C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia (2017 Reading Books # 57-63)

I had such high hopes for this series since it’s considered classic children’s literature. The idea behind it is really interesting too. However, this series was super boring to read. I also have trouble understanding how this series is okay in churches but Harry Potter isn’t? The kids in this … Continue reading

It All Ran Together: Jim Harrison’s The Shape of the Journey (2017 Reading Book #56)

It took many months of reading to make my way through Jim Harrison’s collected poems. I really like how it got me in the groove of reading a couple of poems each day. But I gotta say, all these poems ran together after a while. I did enjoy seeing how … Continue reading

A Great Empathy Read: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me (2017 Reading Book #55)

I’ve been making a bigger effort to read books from perspectives dissimilar to my own so that I can better understand other people and the issues they face today. This was an amazing book for getting a glimpse into the African American experience and the issues pertaining to racism in … Continue reading

We Need to Talk About Kevin For Teens: Justine Larbalestier’s My Sister Rosa (2017 Reading Book #54)

Upon seeing John Green’s praise for My Sister Rosa, I knew I had to add it to my to-read list. The prospect of a chilling YA novel that deals with psychopathology was incredibly inticing too. 2. While not Interneting this week, I read two GREAT books. First, MY SISTER ROSA, by … Continue reading

When Books Spoil Other Books: Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me (2017 Reading Book #53)

This was a really cute book that included some of my favorite things: kids in Manhattan, time travel, and the travails of friendship. It reminded me a lot of the movie Little Manhattan. I also loved all the characters and liked that even the mean ones had redeeming qualities. It was a quick … Continue reading

Become a Word Sleuth: James W. Pennebaker’s The Secret Life of Pronouns (2017 Reading Book #52)

I absolutely loved this book and enjoyed sharing all the information I learned with my parents while I was reading it. The book examines how the function words (pronouns, articles, prepositions, etc.) we use can reveal a lot about our personality and status within different relationships. From plays to politics … Continue reading

You Should Read This: Thomas Frank’s Listen, Liberal (2017 Reading Book #51)

This was another political book I was hesitant to read for fear of it just yelling at me and making me feel bad for the state of our country (I guess I’m just used to all of Trump’s supporters berating “Liberal Snowflakes”). I was relieved that the opinions expressed in … Continue reading

An Emotional Snowstorm: Nina LaCour’s We Are Okay (2017 Reading Book #50)

There has been a lot of praise online for We Are Okay, so I knew I had to read it as soon as possible. The praise is totally deserved. Nina LaCour’s writing only gets stronger with each novel she writes, and this, her latest, is an emotional masterpiece. I think the strongest … Continue reading