Favorite Performances by The Front Bottoms

This Summer I’ve really been digging the New Jersey band The Front Bottoms (TFB). Their lyrics are smart, emotional, and colloquial. Frontman and lyricist, Brian Sella, is a fantastic storyteller in his songs, just listen to tracks like “Lone Star” and “Handcuffs.” Masculinity, relationships, and growing up are popular themes … Continue reading

Review of Watsky’s xInfinity

I’ve been a fan of Watsky dating back to his Cardboard Castles era. Known for his fast rapping abilities, Watsky’s music is an incredible blend of rapid fire witticisms, brilliant commentary on political and social issues, and heartfelt poetry about love, life, and death. In November 2014, I even attended once … Continue reading

Modernization of The Starting Line’s Say It Like You Mean It Album Cover

For my second visual assignment, I decided to do Classic Album Makeover. While, it’s hard to say whether The Starting Line’s album Say It Like You Mean It  counts as “classic,” it was released in 2002 and could use some updating. The jeans and phone really says early 2000s here. And … Continue reading

My Thoughts on Panic! At the Disco’s Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!

I’ve been stoked about this album for a while now since this band always delivers. It may be a different sound than what they’ve put out before, but the content is always top notch. My excitement about this album though was immediate, and grew exponentially, with each release of new … Continue reading