William Shakespeare or: How I Learned to Stop Feuding and Love Romeo & Juliet

One of my fellow UMW ELC alums, Tonto Duncan, started a fantastic blog (seriously, go read it. He’s writing important things). Recently he wrote about Shakespeare and what is “good” literature. His discussion of the public school system’s failure to do Shakespeare justice as well as his journey to relating … Continue reading

Modern Poetry and twenty one pilots, Or Everything Is Complex, But the Struggle Is Worth It

During my final semester at UMW, I took Dr. Mara Scanlon’s Modern Poetry class largely because of my undying love and respect for her as a person and a professor. The class was basically her fan club of student with a few new faces mixed in. Little did we know … Continue reading

Am I Moore Than You Bargained For?

My friend, Moira, and I teamed up for the Modern Poetry final and created an intriguing mash-up of Marianne Moore and Fall Out Boy. The inspiration came from when we were studying Marianne Moore earlier in the semester and Moira and I joked about how several of her poems had … Continue reading

Advice: Do It For Yourself

I’m twenty-two years old, but relatively “inexperienced” according to our culture’s expectations or assumptions about someone my age. I only just had my first kiss and first relationship a year ago. I’ve yet to have sex or have an up close and personal encounter with the male genitalia. There have … Continue reading