Reclaiming & Revamping: Here’s to Beginnings

Hey, friends, long time no blog! (Sorry about that.)

I’ve left this website–most importantly–this blog ignored for close to a year now. That’s partly because this place didn’t feel like my own anymore and that it wouldn’t really be my own until I migrated it off of UMW’s Domain of One’s Own servers where this website was born and raised. Why the neglect? This year of limbo?

Well… ha… you see, it’s really a funny story… Actually, it can be summarized quite unhumorously: Anxiety.

As a former DKC tutor,  I knew in theory that this process wasn’t that hard and totally within my capabilities. I just needed to force myself to sit down and do it. But I let time pass and UMW made a lot of changes, and suddenly, it seemed totally unmanageable. Sort of like when you don’t put away your clean laundry and weeks pass and your room is taken over by piles of clothes and you’re so OVERWHELMED you just don’t know how or where to start.

Sometimes you have to force yourself to pick up a shirt or two. And the next thing you know, it’s all taken care of.

So a couple days ago, I finally sat down and tackled it. …And it was an incredibly easy process thanks to Martha Burtis at UMW’s DTLT and Jim Groom and Tim Owens at Reclaim Hosting.


Jim and Tim are doing wonders with Reclaim Hosting. My initial shock and sadness over their departure from DTLT has totally been replaced by my happiness and excitement about what they’re doing at RH. Their speedy, personable service along with the fact I knew them from my UMW days, made the migration process so so so easy. Even better was that UMW DTLT was already in the process of establishing RH as another option for hosting provider for alums migrating their domains.

The “reclaiming” of my website was such a painless, minor process. I was like a kid at the doctor’s office who’d been told they had to get a shot and was instantly imagining THE WORST PAIN AND HORROR EVER, only to be like “Oh, that’s it? That didn’t hurt at all!” I can’t speak highly enough of the experience I had. Seriously, if you want your website in good hands, go with Reclaim Hosting. You can check them out here.

So now that my website was securely in my possession, it was time to make some changes.


Since my website was born during my college years, it was mostly a home to projects and posts related to college courses. Also a bunch of cringe-y bits of blogging during my junior year (yikes). So I decided I needed to freshen things up, reorganize, and clean out. A spring cleaning of sorts, I guess.

WordPress and I reacquainted ourselves after a year of minimal interactions. There was a lot of playing around, googling, and relearning on my part. And after a couple days of toiling away, I’m quite fond of the facelift I’ve given the site.

Let me show you around…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.48.35 PM

There’s a new header image (taken during a dinner at a pub in Coverack, UK, June 2014), and an adjustment of the colors. I guess I’m feeling blue these days?


This is the page you’ll initially see upon visiting. There’s a slider of recent posts. I promise you, this will fill in and not just be that project Moira and I did for our MoPo final that’s been hanging out for all eternity. Below it are some goofy photos I thought would give a little personality to the page. (It’s like painting your front door red or purple, right?) The picture on the left is of me, age 7, tremendously exuberant. It’s meant to express my current excitement about your presence on my site. The photo on the right is of my dear friend, Spooky Jim, and there’s an invitation to explore the projects from my past I’ve allowed to stick around in this new phase of my website.


Nothing fancy here. Yet another photo from my time abroad in 2014. The summarized details of my life haven’t changed that much.

Resume & Portfolio

These two pages are to please and captivate any potential employers who go snooping around. It’s also easy to share this info via link rather than numerous Word documents.

What’s Up?

I’ve decided to refer to my blog as something other than “blog.” (Oooooh, she’s using her creative writing degree!) I’ve also simplified the categories of the posts: doing, existing, listening, reading, thinking, watching, writing. Here you can find what I’ve been up to regarding a variety of my interests. The old blogs I’ve decided to keep around have been re-categorized.

New Things

This is meant to give you a glimpse of the large-scale projects I’ve been giving an incredible amount of time and attention to. Currently, they mostly exist in Word documents and inside my head. This is mostly just to make myself feel like I am doing something more than spewing words into Word Documents over and over and over and over and over (and maybe get someone else stoked on these words). I am making no guarantees as to if/when these might actually become available to the public. There’s also links to where you can read posts about each project (some have no posts yet, sorry).

Old Things

This is where I’ve come to let the Ghosts of Projects Past live. I’ve unearthed a few and given them a better spotlight (The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Archive, The Wire Swede). I guess this would be what I’d consider my best work from college; the projects that defined my junior and senior years. I deleted and decluttered the miscellany of posts from these years, and left only the prized ones for you to gander at. I’ve also added a section for quilts, as they desire some attention too!


So that’s my new and improved site. Of course, now that it’s spiffed up, I’m going to try and be more regular with my presence on here. Expect more blogs from me… SOON!

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