Hearts & Hands’s Inspirational Lyrics

As mentioned in my previous post, I discovered a new band that I quite like at the concert on Wednesday. Hearts & Hands is categorized as “metal” on iTunes, but based on their most recent release, they are more like “hardcore lite.” Most of their songs have a pop punk basis with elements of hardcore and electronic dappled in. There isn’t a lot of screaming on this album, however their previous EP was the opposite. It appears that a lineup change may have contributed to the shift in their sound.

I’ve been listening to their new album, My Own Machine, pretty religiously since I got back from the concert. I love it quite a bit. Mostly because it is full of encouraging lyrics that remind me of good ways to live my life. I’ve been struggling a lot recently with trying to figure out exactly what my beliefs are, and this album has been providing some good moral codes to consider.

Here are some of my favorite lyrics:


I am my own machine/ the answers lie inside of me.

–“My Own Machine”: This song is a great reminder of your autonomy as a human being. I definitely forget from time to time that I am my own person and that I am allowed to make my own decisions and do things on my own and not always be checking back with my parents or seeking permission from anyone else to do what I want to do.


Sink or swim/ You are the captain of your own ship

–“Let Go”: This lyrics struck my from the start. They seem to go well with the lyrics I discussed from “My Own Machine.” Not only do you have autonomy, but your choices and the consequences that come with them are yours. You need to take responsibility of yourself and realize that you are yours for the taking, the making, the breaking. This idea might be my favorite from the album.


So quit running all your life trying to leave your past behind/ realize your future won’t have time to care about the shadows and the demons you left behind

–“Leave It All Behind”: These lyrics are very powerful and express an idea a lot of people don’t seem to believe or think is true. It’s a very important reminder that you need to make peace with your past and not constantly try to shed the regret we carry about often things; so much is in our futures that we can’t keep letting ourselves be dragged down by past choices we’ve already experienced the consequences for. I know I definitely feel regret over things that have happened. I still have questions about things that happened that I may never get answers to. And I know that I need to let that all go. I need to move forward and not let the poor choices of the past keep me from getting anywhere.


When all you know is falling down around you don’t let go/ and fight for yourself

–“The Sun Always Rises”: I believe this song was meant to reach out to suicidal people and remind them that they are not at the end of their rope. It’s a great song for helping someone to put their mistakes into perspective–lyrics such as “you lost the battle/ but you haven’t lost the war.” The most useful tip presented in the song is how to problem solve, “don’t try and solve a temporary problem with a permanent solution.” I think this is a great idea and way of looking at things, not just life itself, but any problem that may arise. I’ve come to realize that everything in life is temporary, and so permanent solutions don’t really make sense. Most importantly, as the lyrics quoted above say, make sure that when times get tough that you fight for yourself because that’s what matters.


Overall, I find this album to be a great argument for life as well as a good doctrine for how to live life. I am really impressed by the band’s positivity and philosophy on life. I think this is the first time I’ve listened to an album a couple times through and thought “I would actually consider tattooing some of these lyrics on my body.” Whether or not that will happen, still remains to be determined. I’m going to revel in these lyrics for a while and see how much of an impact they have on my life philosophy. I’m pretty optimistic about it though. 🙂


National Suicide Hotlines:



A list of suicide hotlines for each state can be found here.

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