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I am a person of many projects, someone who prefers to always be in progress. Below is a list of projects currently stealing my spare time.


Breaking Orbit (birthed July 2015)

Blogging about heartthrob Grayson West is the only thing keeping Remy Anderson sane as she braves the post grad world and searches for her first real adult job. Her unemployment ends when she lands a last minute gig on Grayson’s first ever tour, serving as the resident celebrity blogger. But being a fan girl on tour isn’t just backstage passes, boys, and blogs. Soon she’s caught in Grayson’s universe of celebrity and deceit, trying to separate truths from lies, good intentions from intentional misdeeds. With her newfound internet fame comes power and hordes of her own avid fan girls. With the support and friendship of a spunky merch girl named Teagan and a blue-haired drummer named Jake, Remy grapples with malicious secrets, their dangerous repercussions, and the anxieties of breaking away from the forces that hold you down. This is a journey made up of choices, truck stops, hair dye, blog posts, tabloids, fan girls, pinky promises, deception, and denial—just as the universe designed.

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Teagan & Jake (birthed January-February 2016)

Teagan & Jake, for better or for worse, that’s how it’s always been since their freshman year of high school. But now they’re seniors and on the cusp of change. Parental pressures, an attractive musician named Dave, and new friendships challenge Teagan and her visions of post grad life. Jake faces similar stress about post grad life from his family and girlfriend. Other shifts for him come with making an unlikely friend in basketball star Trevor and becoming a drummer in a band. As friends, family, and lovers tear Teagan and Jake apart, they start to wonder if their futures can even guarantee their friendship.

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Oceans Away (birthed July 2016)

Leigh has spent the past six years trying to extract who she is from the fallout of a celebrity scandal. It doesn’t help that the only real friends she has left are celebrities a decade older than her. Five weeks studying abroad in Bath, UK seems like the perfect vacation from her identity.

Brian’s summer plans of playing festivals and working on a new album come crashing with the diagnosis and subsequent mismanagement of his type 1 diabetes. Leaving his concerned bandmates to field questions about his suspected heroin addiction, Brian accepts an invitation from his estranged father to adjust to his disease with the help and encouragement of his somewhat overbearing British step-mother and diabetic half-brother while spending the summer with them.

Together, Brian and Leigh find a fresh start and a second home in Bath, exploring how some of the most beautiful things have the ugliest histories.

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Piecemaking (conceived January-February 2016)

Audrey’s content to stay in place, even after her mom died and her dad left town. With a quilt shop to help run, dogs to care for, and a long-term boyfriend, she doesn’t have much reason to leave. Levi can’t remember living anywhere for more than a year. He’s not even sure there’s a place he’d want to live for that long. And doing sound for touring bands doesn’t keep him home very often. In fact, the only thing that keeps him coming home is his dog. When Levi hires Audrey to dog-sit while he’s on Look to the Sky’s summer arena tour, it sparks the beginning of a long distance friendship that challenges both of their lifestyles. But when a horrific bus accident cuts off their communication, Audrey must find the courage to leave and Levi must find the strength to find his way home.

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Within This Universe (conceived Winter/Spring 2016)

A collection of short stories cataloguing the moments between and behind the scenes of the characters appearing in Breaking Orbit, Teagan & Jake, Oceans Away, and Piecemaking.

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Losing Streak (conceived Summer 2009; reincarnated Fall 2013)

A multi-POV novel about the lives of teachers and students following a shooting at the rival school.

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Riding the Wake (conceived Summer 2013)

A sixteen-year-old girl grapples with her grief, guilt, and anxiety following a jet ski accident that killed her oldest brother and left her family in ruins.

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