Old Things

Here you can peruse a variety of projects I still hold in a fond place of my heart. Many of them were completed during my undergraduate career at the University of Mary Washington.

Electronic Literature: Hypertext Poem

This original prose poem was made in Twine.

Transmedia Fiction: The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Archive

This project was completed with two of my classmates and contains all of the content produced as part of the transmedia retelling of Pride & Prejudice.

Digital Storytelling: The Wire Swede

This project was made with my classmate, Jessica Reingold, for ourĀ The Wire themed Digital Storytelling class, fondly known as DS106.

Seminar Creative Writing: Fiction: Novella

This novella was written and revised during the Fall 2014 semester as a creative writing capstone project.

Seminar Creative Writing: Poetry: Poetry Chapbook

This poetry chapbook consists of ten poems, all of which were written, revised, and complied during the Spring 2015 semester as a creative writing capstone project.

Digital Studies Capstone Project: Noir106 Archive

This was a semester long independent study for my Digital Studies capstone. A transmedia narrative was used as a teaching tool to underscore the online Digital Storytelling class taught at UMW. All of the content produced as part of this project is archived on one website.


Since graduating college, I’ve taking up quilting thanks to my mom and all of her wonderful quilt friends. I even briefly worked at a quilt shop where I assisted with the organization and running of a weekend-long quilt show and historic homes tour in Warrenton, NC. Quilting is a fun and challenging hobby, and I hope to make many throughout my life.

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