Poetry Chapbook

For my Creative Writing: Poetry Seminar, I had to write, workshop, and revise ten poems with the final portfolio coming in the form of a chapbook. In the class, we talked a lot about ordering poems and following our obsessions in order to create something whole where each poem worked in conversation with the others. My final product was a chapbook ruminating on struggles with nature, both as people versus the uncontrollable natural elements and our own human nature and its habits that we struggle to break.

We also collaborated with students in a printmaking art class who designed a cover for our chapbooks based off of the first four poems we’d written in the class. The poems the student referenced when creating the cover, and reflect many of the narrative elements in them, are the original versions of “My Phone Remembers a Fragment of the Milky Way,” “The Branch,” “Almost an Elegy,” and “I Unwind the Clock.”


Versus Nature

 To read Versus Nature, you can access a PDF version to view or download here.

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