Below you can find links to content that I have created during my time at the University of Mary Washington that showcase my skills and abilities.

WordPress/ Website Design & Content Management: I created and compiled a subdomain to archive the content created as part of my independent study, which can be found here.

Creative Writing: I wrote a novella as part of a creative writing seminar. I wrote and revised it within a set scheduled over the span of one semester. You can read it here.

HTML/CSS: I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, which I used when creating my hypertext poem. You can find it here.

Academic/Professional Writing: You can find a multimedia essay that I wrote for a class here.

Tutorial/ Documentation Writing: As part of my job at the Digital Knowledge Center at the University of Mary Washington,  I wrote documentation for digital tools used in courses for students to access on their own. You can find an example of my documentation writing here.

Article Writing: As a writer at Literally, Darling, I write articles on a variety of topics geared toward twentysomething women. From book recommendations to the impact of healthcare policies on people living with chronic illness to musing on a road trip to Ohio, the subject matters and writing styles are vast. You can read all of the articles I have written here.

Adobe Photoshop and InDesign: As part of my final group project for the magazine portion of NYU Summer Publishing Institute, I helped create the print and digital versions of our mock magazine and co-authored the featured article “Under Fire.” I designed the Table of Contents, Coda, and B-Side in the print magazine as well as all of the digital designs. I also compiled all of the designs into one mock magazine. You can view it here.

Book Publicity: Collaborated with NYU Summer Publishing Institute nonfiction imprint group members to create titles campaigns for our three books. The title campaign can be found here.

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