Anthony Doerr’s All the Light We Cannot See (2017 Reading Book #152)

I cannot believe it took me this long to read such an amazing book! This is the kind of historical fiction that I absolutely love. I loved all the different characters we got to meet. Werner’s story was especially interesting as I don’t know many books that make German characters in World War II novels extremely sympathetic and loveable.

It was really cool to see how everyone was connected. The radio and gem stuff was especially interesting and something that I probably wouldn’t have read about if it weren’t for this book.

I also thought it was super interesting and awesome that one of our protagonists was blind. I think the portrayal of her disability was really well done and didn’t fall into any tropes. She felt like a real, fully formed person to me.

Honestly, there’s a reason this book won awards. It is absolutely stunning. Definitely pick it up!

In Summary:

Title(s): All the Light We Cannot See

Author(s): Anthony Doerr

Overall Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fiction

Category: Historical

Format Accessed: iBook

Imprint: Scribner

Publisher: Simon & Schuster


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