Candace Ganger’s The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash (2017 Reading Book #135)

I’ve heard a lot of hype for this book, so I was interested to see what it was all about. And I was totally in love with how these two characters collide and the overall situation of the accident.

I had trouble ever liking Bash because I couldn’t buy into him being innocent when later in the book he does the same dangerous and illegal behaviors that Kyle did to cause the accident. Likewise, he doesn’t have a whole lot of drive or ambition. I wanted him to want more than a romance or for his move to live. His plans for the rest of the week didn’t endear me to him.

I liked Birdie a little more, but I really struggled with the romance and her journey with Bash when so much fell into the tropes of a girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful. Likewise, I really hated that she changed her appearance for Bash. She was such an interesting and quirky character, but by the end of the book I felt like a lot of that interest had faded away.

I loved how chemistry was intertwined throughout the novel. I think that was the coolest part. I really wish there had been more of that.

Overall, while I loved the initial circumstances that brought these two characters together, I think the novel fell onto old tropes that are tired and stale. I wish it had kept the freshness I’d felt in the first few chapters.

In Summary:

Title(s): The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash

Author(s): Candace Ganger

Overall Rating: 2/5

Genre: Fiction

Category: YA

Imprint: St. Martin’s Griffin

Publisher: Macmillan

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