Courtney Stevens’ Dress Codes for Small Towns (2017 Reading Book #130)

I had the great fortune of winning a copy of this book in a Twitter giveaway. This book has been on my radar for a while because it has so many elements that I hadn’t seen in YA but felt needed some attention.

The best part of this book has got to be Billie’s journey of exploring her identity, particularly her sexuality and femininity. I think this is one of the first YA books I’ve come across where the protagonist wasn’t sure of their sexuality and was sort of figuring it out as the story went along. I also loved seeing Billie grapple with what being a woman means and how the way others saw her impacted and shaped her understanding and journey.

I loved the small town setting and wish there were more YA set in small towns. It felt so real and true to life. I loved all the characters that filled this town.

I also loved how religion figured into the novel. So often queer teens are pushed away from religion, so it was nice to see Billie explore being religious as well as queer.

The friend group and their adventures were awesome from the start. It was really cool how a lot of what they did together wasn’t unusual for the regular teenager but also wasn’t boring to read. They felt real to me and reminded me a lot of the friend group inĀ The Raven Cycle.

If you’re a fan of Maggie Stiefvater, Becky Albertalli, and Julie Murphy, you will probably like this book. I know I certainly adored it!

In Summary:

Title(s): Dress Codes for Small Towns

Author(s): Courtney S. Stevens

Overall Rating: 4/5

Genre: Fiction

Category: YA

Format Accessed: Hardcover

Imprint: HarperTeen

Publisher: HarperCollins

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