Goldy Moldavsky’s No Good Deed (2017 Reading Book #151)

I was a HUGE fan of Kill the Boy Band, so I was totally stoked to read No Good Deed.  While this book packs a good amount of crazy and devious as her prior novel, it didn’t feel quite as polished as Kill the Boy Band. 

I struggled to like the protagonist as he made a lot of claims about wanting to win the contest, but I saw very little effort from the start that showed he wanted to win. He was a little too passive for my liking.

The plot didn’t feel totally there like it could have been tightened up a bit. The novel felt like it was a couple drafts away from being where it was meant to be. I also was perplexed by the incorporation of one short chapter written in third person omniscient that mostly was there to relay information that we could not have gotten only with a first-person perspective. I’m not the biggest fan of mid-book narrative breaks and wish there had been another way for that information to be delivered.

I did love that a character we met in Kill the Boy Band has a larger role in this novel and there are some comments that link these two novels. I’m a sucker for novels occurring in the same world.

The design of this book is amazing. I think it’s really cool and totally suits the book. Kudos to whoever worked on it!

I think it’s a really interesting and timely book, but it just didn’t stand up to my expectations after reading Kill the Boy Band.

In Summary:

Title: No Good Deed

Author: Goldy Moldavsky

Overall Rating: 2/5

Format Accessed: Hardcover

Genre: Fiction

Category: YA

Imprint: Point

Publisher: Scholastic

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