May 2017 Reading By the Numbers

I read 19 books in May.

14 were authored by females, 4 by males, and 1 was authored by people of all genders.

8 of the authors were white, 9 were minorities, and 2 had both white and minority authors.

11 were works of fiction, 3 were nonfiction, and 5 were poetry. 6 were YA, 5 were poetry collections, 1 was magical realism, 1 was chick lit, 2 were literary, 1 was politics, 2 were essay collections, and 1 was a short story collection.

The overall rating was 3.47 out of 5.

7 were hardcover books, 8 were paperback, 3 were iBooks, and 1 was an ebook.

The average year of publication was 2016.

4 were published by Penguin Random House, 1 was published by HarperCollins, 2 were published by Simon & Schuster, 1 was published by Hachette Book Group. and 11 were published by publishing houses outside of the Big 5.

The total number of pages read was 4,795 with the average page count being 252 pages.

I spent $108.64 on books.

I borrowed 5 books, purchased 11, and 3 were gifts.

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