You Should Read This: Thomas Frank’s Listen, Liberal (2017 Reading Book #51)

This was another political book I was hesitant to read for fear of it just yelling at me and making me feel bad for the state of our country (I guess I’m just used to all of Trump’s supporters berating “Liberal Snowflakes”). I was relieved that the opinions expressed in the book were worded much kinder. I was also surprised by how far back these issues went and all the history that was included in this book.

I really loved the history. I learned so much from it. As a twentysomething, it was interesting to learn about the politics during my childhood. Reading about the Clinton administration and their decisions also helped me understand why so many older voters were wary of another Clinton in the White House. I think all the history this book provides is especially great for people my age who were too young to really know what was going on throughout our childhoods and may only remember the presidents based on moments like Monica Lewinski and 9/11.

Frank makes a really compelling argument and does a great job of explaining how the democratic party has alienated the voters who used to be a major part of this party. He also does a great job of showing how highly educated people and Wall Street have only caused more problems for the democratic party. He brings to light some difficult-to-solve problems, which can only really be solved by Wall Street and liberal academics changing their ways regarding how they shape the democratic party.

I did find it a bit ironic that Frank used a lot of fancy terminology and big words in his writing while expressing that liberals have alienated a lot of people from the democratic party with their highbrow academia and general obsession with higher education as the solution to all of our problems. I also found his use of big words made the book a more challenging read and didn’t feel quite as accessible or easy to understand as other political books I’ve read this year. Maybe he’s trying to lure the liberals in with his impressive vocabulary?

Ultimately, I really enjoyed this book and feel like I learned a lot of important history from it. It’s definitely helping me understand the issues our country faces today.


In Summary:

Title(s): Listen, Liberal: How the Party of the People Learned to Love Inequality

Author(s): Thomas Frank

Overall Rating: 4/5

Genre: Politics

Category: Nonfiction

Format Accessed: iBook

Imprint: Henry Holt & Co.

Publisher: MacMillan

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