A Letter to One of My Characters: Jake Smith

Dear Jake Smith, Congrats, dude, you’ve made it three novels with me, and I’ve got a fourth one in the works. I’ve fallen helplessly in love with you, your life, and your story. It’s hard not to. Especially when we’ve weathered so much together. But let’s cut the applause and … Continue reading

Maggie, Why Do All Your Novels Deal with Sexual Assault?

A question you’re probably going to ask: Maggie, why do all your novels deal with sexual assault? It’s true, Breaking Orbit, Teagan & Jake, and Oceans Away all grapple with sexual assault in some way. Breaking Orbit features several sexual assault survivors, and takes a more direct look at a … Continue reading

Perspective & Breaking Orbit

My WIP novel, Breaking Orbit, has always been about identity and secrets. But it hasn’t been until recently that I’ve realized how important perspective is in creating the dualities and lies that manifest in this novel. Perspective is also a huge part of the dynamics between celebrities, paparazzi, and fans–all … Continue reading