Stunning & Expansive: Ocean Vuong’s Night Sky with Exit Wounds (2017 Reading Book #81)

The poetry in this book is absolutely stunning. It covers so much ground and weaves together so many different images and issues. Vuong is a master at playing with form and the format of the poem does a great job of supplementing the words. I found myself dog-earing many poems I … Continue reading

Of Music and History: June Jordan’s Directed by Desire (2017 Reading Book #75)

This was a stunning collection of poetry to spend some time with each day for the month or so I spent reading it. Jordan’s poems cover a lot of ground–history, politics, race, sexuality, gender, religion, and so much more. I felt like I got a good sense of her experiences … Continue reading

It All Ran Together: Jim Harrison’s The Shape of the Journey (2017 Reading Book #56)

It took many months of reading to make my way through Jim Harrison’s collected poems. I really like how it got me in the groove of reading a couple of poems each day. But I gotta say, all these poems ran together after a while. I did enjoy seeing how … Continue reading