Laura Creedle’s The Love Letters of Abelard and Lily (2017 Reading Book #155)

This book is very special to me as I know the author personally and helped her work on the drafts of this novel. This was one of the first novel drafts I revised upon joining Scribophile, and since then, Laura and I have become critique partners and I’ve gotten to … Continue reading

Whitney Gardner’s You’re Welcome, Universe (2017 Reading Book #119)

I happened upon this book while perusing the YA shelves at the Barnes & Noble at Union Square in NYC. I was enticed by the Deaf protagonist and that the story wasn’t solely about being Deaf. I really liked learning about art, specifically street art, in this novel. That was … Continue reading

David Arnold’s Mosquitoland (2017 Reading Book #113)

I had heard so many high praises for this novel that I was shocked by how much problematic stuff there was in this novel. It’s far from the endearing road trip and engaging exploration of mental health issues. While the narrative voice was engaging and intriguing, I struggled to connect … Continue reading

An Interesting Thought Experiment: Terry Trueman’s Stuck in Neutral (2017 Reading Book #72)

I try to read a lot of disability in literature, especially YA, so I was excited to read this, especially since John Green said it was an important book to him early in his career. However, I was extremely disappointed in this story, if you can even call it a … Continue reading

Hope for the Future of YA: Eric Lindstrom’s Not If I See You First (2017 Reading Book #30)

When I absolutely LOVE a book, I will post about it on Facebook, tweet my praise to the author, ramble about it on Goodreads, and tell my writer friends to read it. And that is exactly what I did upon finishing Not If I See You First. There is so much … Continue reading

On the Fictional Corner of Neuro-Diverse and Easy Life: Holly Goldberg Sloan’s Counting by 7s (2017 Reading Book #29)

I have a vague memory from years ago of my mom telling me about this book after listening to some program on NPR that mentioned it. Ever since then, it was on my mental to-read list. In January, it was discounted on the iBooks store and I decided to read … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Internalized Ableism: Josh Sundquist’s Love & First Sight (2017 Reading Book #14)

I’ve been a longtime fan of motivational speaker, YouTuber, and author Josh Sundquist. I’m a regular viewer of his videos and I’ve read and enjoyed both of his memoirs. So I was elated to hear he was stepping into the world of YA Fiction. His wit, writing talent, and life … Continue reading