Insight Into the Native American Experience: Layli Long Soldier’s Whereas (2017 Reading Book #89)

One perspective I’ve realized I don’t read a lot of is the Native American perspective. I also only tend to read poetry by Native Americans. It’s something I hope to work on, and this poetry collection was a great reminder of the importance of their experiences and stories. I really … Continue reading

A Diverse, Unexpected Playfulness with Form: Monica Youn’s Blackacre (2017 Reading Book #86)

Contemporary poetry–or at least the poets I’ve been reading–is all about playing with form. Along with playing with form, there also seems to be a playfulness with approaching topics. Youn’s poetry seems to hit upon the same issues and images just from different angles. I really liked how different poems … Continue reading

An Interesting Combination: Solmaz Sharif’s Look (2017 Reading Book #83)

The poems in this collection are such an interesting and unexpected combination of content. I thought it was really cool how terms from the military dictionary were used. It made for a really interesting juxtaposition. I also enjoyed the vareity of forms used throughout the collection. It seems that contemporary … Continue reading

Breaking the Mold: Claudia Rankine’s Citizen (2017 Reading Book #70)

This was a really stunning and different read that I had to stew over after I finished reading it. Design-wise, it reminded me a lot of Of Poetry and Protest. The supplemental art was a really lovely addition. Visually, it’s a very beautiful book and I would love to get a behind … Continue reading