Pamela Newkirk’s Spectacle (2017 Reading Book #140)

I was really excited to read this book because it sounded like a strange and captivating story. And it definitely contained many interesting things that were not too difficult to consume. The story of Ota Benga is incredibly fascinating, complex, and confusing. I laud the author for putting in so … Continue reading

Adi Alsaid’s North of Happy (2017 Reading Book #139)

I have never taken so long to read a Young Adult novel as I did reading this book. I found this novel to be rather boring and directionless. When the character completes his only expressed desire–to dine in a particular restaurant–within the first fifty pages, it’s hard to feel inclined … Continue reading

Adi Alsaid’s Never Always Sometimes (2017 Reading Book #138)

If I’m being honest, this book was a bit torturous to read. It was full of tired tropes that I’m so over seeing in YA. Even so, I somehow managed to read it rather quickly. This is another best friends become lovers story, which I’m SUPER EXHAUSTED of. It continues … Continue reading

Meg Haston’s Paperweight (2017 Reading Book #136)

This was an AMAZING book. I was so happy to read a story about someone overcoming a mental illness that did not involve a romantic interest as a solution. While there is some romance, it’s in the flashbacks and seems to contribute to the protagonist’s problems. This book also did … Continue reading

Courtney S. Stevens’ Faking Normal (2017 Reading Book #134)

As you probably know by now, I’ve been trying to read as many YA stories about sexual assault to help my own writing projects and because I’m passionate about the conversations we present to teens about this issue. Faking Normal does a great job with presenting this novel. This may be … Continue reading

Michael S. Kimmel’s Guyland (2017 Reading Book #125)

When you look at the news these days, there seems to be an epidemic of straight white males enacting violence and proclaiming that they are the ones who are underprivileged and suffer prejudice. It’s incredibly confusing how these attitudes can manifest when they’ve always been the ones to face the … Continue reading