Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando’s Roomies (2017 Reading Book #108)

It’s rare to find a YA novel that deals with college, so I was excited to run across this story, which is about two girls who are about to be college roommates during the summer before they start college. I loved the two girls and their stories and issues. They … Continue reading

Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up (2017 Reading Book #107)

I’ve been meaning to read more of Daniel Handler’s YA, so I was delighted to run across a used copy of Why We Broke Up in The Strand. The size and style of this book is more akin to a children’s illustrated book, like the new illustrated Harry Potter novels. It’s … Continue reading

Neil Patrick Harris’ The Magic Misfits (2017 Reading Book #104)

The highlight of my experience with this book would probably be getting to meet Neil Patrick Harris and have him sign the book. Everything else was downhill. Honestly, I had higher hopes for a MG novel by NPH, but alas, this is why I remain skeptical of celebrity book deals. … Continue reading

Forgiveness Made Too Easy: Sara Zarr’s Story of a Girl (2017 Reading Book #65)

I was drawn to this book because the blurb suggested that it dealt with the slut shaming of a high school girl. However, this is really a story about sexual assault, family, and friendship. It’s also a story about forgiveness. I really loved the different social groups that are a … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Internalized Ableism: Josh Sundquist’s Love & First Sight (2017 Reading Book #14)

I’ve been a longtime fan of motivational speaker, YouTuber, and author Josh Sundquist. I’m a regular viewer of his videos and I’ve read and enjoyed both of his memoirs. So I was elated to hear he was stepping into the world of YA Fiction. His wit, writing talent, and life … Continue reading