Candace Ganger’s The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash (2017 Reading Book #135)

I’ve heard a lot of hype for this book, so I was interested to see what it was all about. And I was totally in love with how these two characters collide and the overall situation of the accident. I had trouble ever liking Bash because I couldn’t buy into … Continue reading

Dashka Slater’s The 57 Bus (2017 Reading Book #102)

While working the autographing area lines at BookExpo, I had the delight of helping to manage Daska Slater’s line. It was because of this experience that I knew I had to grab an ARC of this novel. Somehow I had missed hearing about the news story this book is centered … Continue reading

The Next Generation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Ava Dellaira’s Love Letters to the Dead (2017 Reading Book #68)

I really adored this novel from the very start. It reminded me a lot of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which makes sense considering that the author worked on the movie adaptation of that novel and Stephen Chbosky encouraged and mentored her writing of this novel. At times, the … Continue reading

You Should Read This: Thomas Frank’s Listen, Liberal (2017 Reading Book #51)

This was another political book I was hesitant to read for fear of it just yelling at me and making me feel bad for the state of our country (I guess I’m just used to all of Trump’s supporters berating “Liberal Snowflakes”). I was relieved that the opinions expressed in … Continue reading

This Wasn’t the Story I Longed For: Ellen Emerson White’s The President’s Daughter (2017 Reading Book #44)

I ran across the recommendation for this book around the time that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election. This story sounded like the perfect escape from Trump’s reign. But unfortunately, much like the election, this novel did not live up to my hopes and dreams. The novel has a … Continue reading

This Was More Enjoyable Than I Expected: George Packer’s The Unwinding (2017 Reading Book #39)

This is one of six books recommended in order to understand how Trump won the presidential election. I’ve never really read political books prior to this year, and only in recent years have I taken a real interest in our country’s politics (I guess this is growing up). This being … Continue reading

For Times of Change: Nina LaCour & David Levithan’s You Know Me Well (2017 Reading Book #36)

David Levithan is one of my favorite YA authors, and he seems to do some of his best work in collaborative efforts (Will Grayson, Will Grayson with John Green; Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist with Rachael Cohn). Likewise, I liked Nina LaCour’s Hold Still and have heard rave reviews of her recent … Continue reading