One for the Road: Cars & Music

Road trips are a pretty American thing. I once took a college course about road trips and travel. The first book we read that semester was If You Want Me to Stay, a narrative where travel and music intersect. It was a fantastic read; one I highly recommend. It got me … Continue reading

Anxiety, Excitement, & Change

My original plan was to write about a very meh YA book I recently read that was The Great Gatsby set in a modern day high school. It was an interesting exercise, but a rather boring book. But I’ve decided against it because I really don’t have that much to say … Continue reading

Modern Poetry and twenty one pilots, Or Everything Is Complex, But the Struggle Is Worth It

During my final semester at UMW, I took Dr. Mara Scanlon’s Modern Poetry class largely because of my undying love and respect for her as a person and a professor. The class was basically her fan club of student with a few new faces mixed in. Little did we know … Continue reading