George Watsky’s How to Ruin Everything: Essays (2017 Reading Book #15)

I’ve been a longtime fan of spoken word poet, rapper, and writer George Watsky. In November 2014, I saw him in D.C. on his tour in support of his then recent release All You Can Do. So when I heard that he had an essay collection out, I was pumped, if … Continue reading

One for the Road: Cars & Music

Road trips are a pretty American thing. I once took a college course about road trips and travel. The first book we read that semester was If You Want Me to Stay, a narrative where travel and music intersect. It was a fantastic read; one I highly recommend. It got me … Continue reading

Review of Watsky’s xInfinity

I’ve been a fan of Watsky dating back to his Cardboard Castles era. Known for his fast rapping abilities, Watsky’s music is an incredible blend of rapid fire witticisms, brilliant commentary on political and social issues, and heartfelt poetry about love, life, and death. In November 2014, I even attended once … Continue reading