Jessica & Maggie Make a Swede

For the Swede assignment, Jessica Reingold and I decided to do The Wire  Season 3, Episode 11.

In a Google Doc, we planned out the scenes we wanted to cover, what props we’d need, a simplified script, and when & where we’d film it.

This past week, we met up to film all the scenes. Then we edited them together and uploaded them.

The only content we added that is not original are sped-up versions of the theme song and the end song.

I’m really proud of what we created and I really enjoyed the process and the product!

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  1. So awesome, you are quite the boxer, and the sheet was a brilliant touch. Poor String, I barely knew ye.

    You two took this assignment to the next level.

  2. You guys did an awesome job on this assignment! I’m really amazed on how you guys did this! Great job!

  3. This is great! Nice Job!

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