Thoughts on The Workshop

I just finished watching a documentary titledĀ The Workshop, which is basically about a filmmaker who goes to this nudist colony to get more in touch with himself. I was hopeful that the point of going to this location would be to talk about and discover comfort with one’s own body and realize that who a person is beneath the surface, past the attractive or unattractive exterior, is what matters and should be cherished and if far more interesting and where one should seek to derive their confidence. I know that that is ultimately what I believe and seek to do. I know that I want to build relationships on that and realize that who is a person is is far more important than what they look like and that I should be attracted to their personality first and foremost. However, this was not what happened in the documentary. Basically it was a bunch of middle-aged hippies walking around naked and having orgies and believing in aliens. And maybe one would think that such a set up like this where being a sexual being is prized would make things easier and less prone to petty circumstances found in the clothed, normal world, but NO, there was still pettiness and jealously and all the problems beforehand. At the end, everyone said this experience was helpful to them and helping them understand who they are. However, I question that. Maybe it was important to them when it came to sexual experiences and helping them open themselves up to such experiences, but I’m not entirely sure that they now love themselves or others in a new and healthier way. Sure, sex is great and good for you, but I also think appreciating yourself and others for more that just sex and other form of physical intimacy is important. Your body is not going to last, but who you are will and if you aren’t able to love yourself and feel confidence in who you are then ultimately you will have nothing when your body fails you. So yeah, I’m a bit upset and confused as to what I just watched and what the real value is in that lifestyle choice.

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